T.J. Mx Suzuki - Jacko #377

  • Content Type: Skin
  • Description: Hi guys this is my T.J. Mx Suzuki that I have made. Hope you all like it!. Please comment. Enjoy!
  • 2.02 MB

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Style: 4.5
Detail: 4.0
Accuracy/Creativity: 4.0
Wow Factor: 4.0
Overall: 4.1

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Style: 5
Detail: 4
Accuracy/Creativity: 5
Wow Factor: 4
Overall: 4.5

Nice skin, Jack!

Style: 4
Detail: 4
Accuracy/Creativity: 3
Wow Factor: 4
Overall: 3.8

i like the bike but i think a little more creativity to be in the work


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If someone has a template then yeah I could

can you please make one for the rm125 too
nice skin

Showtime's V7 Rider pack

where did you get that helmet from its nice =)


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