Husqvarna Official - Boune125HVA

  • Content Type: Skin
  • Description: 3 skin Husqvarna riding gear.
  • 4.63 MB

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And if you want tou can join teh team and you can be our skinner ?:)

Hey, me and my friend Kim Ramsell has made a team, the team's name is RMT | Husqvarna racing, and we wonder if you have template into gear, and if we get to take your gear to our team, with names and numbers, our team will running Sx series 2012 and Motocross series in 2012, and continue so in the future. Respond quickly, they are a little rush, thanks best regards / H.Israelsson # 131, Kim Ramsell # 34

It seems easy to get 5 stars now adays, i may try to make a track with stock textures and see what happends


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