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  • Content Type: Skin
  • Description: This bike was a team bike i had, i took the team logos off and edited it a lot to make it a public bike.
    looks great in game and i hope you like it.
    thanks to the non haters!

    other link:
  • 4.88 MB

Average Rating

Style: 2.6
Detail: 2.6
Accuracy/Creativity: 2.5
Wow Factor: 2.7
Overall: 2.6

Bike Reviews
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Style: 1
Detail: 1
Accuracy/Creativity: 1
Wow Factor: 1
Overall: 1.0

not impressed.

Style: 5
Detail: 5
Accuracy/Creativity: 5
Wow Factor: 5
Overall: 5.0

this bike is poop! ;)

Style: 1
Detail: 2
Accuracy/Creativity: 1
Wow Factor: 1
Overall: 1.3

Agree with KTM, and its just not clean. Doesn't flow.

Style: 4
Detail: 4
Accuracy/Creativity: 3
Wow Factor: 4
Overall: 3.8

This is one of the best looking Yamaha's I've seen!

Style: 3
Detail: 2
Accuracy/Creativity: 2
Wow Factor: 3
Overall: 2.5

I thought it looked pretty sweet. A nice simple design that I think deserves a little more than just a 1.3. However definitely not a 5*. To me, all that really matters with a skin is that it looks good. I like how it looks. Maybe not the most detailed though. I agree that a black frame would look pretty cool.

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Will - You probably wouldn't understand since I don't think you've ever created any content worth space on my hard drive, but I'm trying to help him by giving tips and pointers. He should be happy that I take the time.

Derek - You're not going to improve if you just get people to rate you up. This bike is nowhere near 3.2. You should go look at some older, (much) better skins and see the types of reviews that they get. It's complete bull that you just get your friends to rate you up.

PS - I don't enlist friends to go rate my skins absurdly just because I'm not happy with the reviews that I get.

You should stop giving your buddy a 5.0 when his work clearly doesn't deserve it. -KTM57


I gave Derek an honest review where I gave him my thoughts about the bike and gave him pointers. I could have rated him down on Wow Factor more, but I felt that the bike actually comes together better than the individual aspects. I feel that this bike deserves a 1.3.

You should stop giving your buddy a 5.0 when his work clearly doesn't deserve it.

ya ill try to add more logos, and i do have a version with a black frame and i got to say it does not look as good as this one does. the shrouds kinda are suppose too look like shark gills. its what it reminded me of when i started making them. please stop giving bikes all 1s when they clearly don't deserve that.
please... hop..... off...


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